Belize IBC’s

Belize's modern and up-to-date offshore legislation provides maximum flexibility in global asset protection and tax and investment planning.

Particular Features of a Belize IBC:

-          Conducts its trading and business outside of Belize.

-          Tax exempt from, the payment of all forms of local taxation, the payment of stamp duties for transactions in respect of its shares and debt obligations or other securities.

-          Absence of exchange control.

-          Disclosure of the beneficial owner(s) is not required; - share register may be inspected only by a shareholder; - nominee shareholders and bearer shares are permitted; -assets are protected from confiscation or expropriation orders or similar actions by foreign governments.

-          Security and Confidentiality.

-          Only the Memorandum and Articles of Association are required for public records; - the registration and de registration of Registers of Directors, Members, and Mortgages and Charges is optional.

-          No minimum capital is required, no audit of accounts is required, no filing of annual returns is required, only one shareholder and one director are required, who may be a legal entity, no company secretary is required, no annual general meeting is required, meetings may be held outside of Belize, and attendants may be present therein by telephone or other electronic means;

-          Shares may be issued with or without par value and in any currency.

-          Re domiciliation into and out of Belize is permitted, registration in any foreign language is permitted.



One Belize IBC, door to door courier included



The aforementioned fee also includes the following:

-          Verification of the proposed names for the company at the registrar

-          Memorandum and Articles

-          Certificate of Incorporation

-          Share certificates

-          Share register

-          First minutes

-          Power of attorney

-          Undated and signed resignation letter from the nominee director

-          First year of the license fee.


The nominee director service is rendered free of any cost to you for the first year.



Corporate documents with Apostille


Twelve (12) months of Virtual Office (Mail forwarding from a


PO Box in Panama)


Bank account in:














St. Vincent and The Grenadines


St. Lucia









With nominee director, registered agent and annual license fee


payable to the government of Belize


Without nominee director, registered agent and annual license fee


payable to the government of Belize