Commonwealth of Dominica IBC

The Dominica IBC was enacted by IBC Act 10 of June 26 of 1996 and it is one of the best offshore vehicles available:


-          Only one director required;

-          Corporate body can be Director and Shareholder of the Company;

-          One person or corporate body can be both, director and shareholder;

-          There is no requirement of the secretary of the company;

-          Barer Shares available (but have to be kept in Dominica);

-          No limitation of the amount of share capital of the company;

-          Registration and annual fees do not depend on the amount of the share capital;

-          Annual Government fee for the tax exemption is due to be paid at the date of incorporation of the company;

-          Share capital can be formed and registered in any recognizable currency;

-          There is no requirement to pay up the share capital, in whole or partly;

-          There is no requirement of audit/financial returns for the company;

-          Tax exemption for 20 years;

-          Annual meetings of shareholders and directors of the company (if more than one) could be held anywhere in the world. There is no requirement of personal meetings, you can do it with the electronic sources of communication;

-          No requirement to file any information on the director(s) and shareholder(s)

-          There is no any international agreements on the dual taxation;

-          You can use any internationally recognized ending, which states Limited Liability of the company (LTD., Limited, Corp., Corporation, Inc., N.V., S.A., GmbH, etc.)




One Dominica IBC, door to door courier included



The aforementioned fee also includes the following:

-          Verification of the proposed names for the company at the registrar

-          Memorandum and Articles

-          Certificate of Formation

-          Share certificates

-          Share register

-          First minutes

-          Power of attorney

-          Undated and signed resignation letter from the nominee director

-          First year of the license fee.


The nominee director service is rendered free of any cost to you for the first year.



Corporate documents with Apostille


Twelve (12) months of Virtual Office (Mail forwarding from a


PO Box in Panama)


Bank account in:














St. Vincent and The Grenadines


St. Lucia








With nominee director, registered agent and annual license fee


payable to the government of Dominica


Without nominee director, registered agent and annual license


fee payable to the government of Dominica