Panama S.A.’s

For over eighty (80) years the Panamanian Corporation ("Sociedades Anónimas") have been recognized, worldwide, as a corporate vehicle that can be successfully used in a variety of International Business, Asset Protection, Estate Planning Structures, among others.

Particular features of Panamanian Corporations:     

-          Incorporation in 24-48 hours

-          Panamanian Companies can be incorporated without regards to the nationality of its directors and shareholders.

-          Incomes generated by a Panamanian Corporation outside of the Panamanian territory are tax exempted.

-          The authorized capital does not have to be paid in full or partially.

-          There is no need to file any financial reports or tax returns with any government entity in the Republic of Panama, provided that the company does not receive income from Panamanian source;

-          Legal entities of any jurisdiction may act as directors, officers and shareholders of a Panamanian Corporation.

-          There is no need to hold annual meetings of Directors or Shareholders.

-          Directors and Shareholders may attend to the meetings personally, by proxy, by phone or by any other electronic means.

-          Three (3) directors are required, either natural persons or legal entities.

-          The officers (President, Secretary and Treasurer) do not have to be directors and one person can occupy several or all offices. Physical persons or legal entities can also be appointed as officers. Officers are not mandatory.

-          Shares may be issued to the bearer or in nominative form.  In any event, the name of the shareholder is not required to be registered in the Panamanian Public Registry, thus, ensuring total anonymity.

-          A corporation can effectuate transactions and have assets in any part of the world without the obligation of maintaining assets in the Republic of Panama.

-          Panamanian Corporations are empowered by law to conduct any lawful act.

-          Absence of exchange control.



One Panama S.A., door to door courier included



The aforementioned fee also includes the following:

-          Verification of the proposed names for the company at the registrar

-          Articles of incorporation

-          Certified translation to English of the articles of incorporation

-          Certificate from the registry

-          Certified translation to English of the certificate from the registry

-          Share certificates

-          Share register

-          First minutes

-          Power of attorney

-          Undated and signed resignation letters from the nominee directors

-          Subscription transfers

-          First year of the government fees


The nominee director service is rendered free of any cost to you for the first year.



Corporate documents with Apostille


Twelve (12) months of Virtual Office (Mail forwarding from a


PO Box in Panama)


Bank account in:














St. Vincent and The Granadines


St. Lucia








With nominee director, registered agent and annual license fee


payable to the government of Panama


Without nominee director, registered agent and annual license


fee payable to the government of Panama