Offshore means out of your border, extraterritorial. "Offshore Centre" is a term that is used to designate a place where you can obtain "IBC'S" or International Business Companies and that have the characteristic of being a low or no tax country.
Reasons for going offshore depend on what you want but the most common reasons are: asset protection, confidentiality and privacy, tax minimization, investment diversification, international trade and estate planning.

Your decision of going offshore should be made after consulting an offshore expert in your country, preferably an attorney well versed in aspects such as asset protection, taxation, investment and/or estate planning.
We feel that a good offshore structure, legal in all ways, should give you the tranquility you need and the liberty to enjoy your assets and make good investments without the fear of loosing everything to a frivolous lawsuit, an angry spouse, a disgruntled heir or business partner, government seizures, etc