Many persons around the world think of Asset Protection as illegal, immoral or even as a cheating device to not pay your debts, but Asset Protection, when properly practiced and structured, is certainly legal. Legitimate Asset Protection planning does not encourage or permits illegal acts such as fraudulent concealment of assets, perjury or violation of bankruptcy laws. You must implement your Asset Protection structure and plan, in compliance with every law.

At OIS will help you achieve all your goals regarding protecting your assets, by utilizing offshore companies and offshore private foundations. Now, we must point out that the same asset protection structure does not necessarily apply to every case, so that is why we work on a case by case basis and we also encourage you to speak to attorneys in your locations because what does not affect one may affect another, so it is recommended and highly advisable to first speak to an asset protection attorney in the place where you reside in order to be completely sure that what you are about to do is in compliance with the Laws.